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Insight Services to inform your B2B strategic decisions  

B2B insight is rarely transparent; relationships between multiple suppliers; partners; stakeholders will collectively impact the value chain. Globalisation had already set that process fully in motion, now in a post Covid world the rule book will be re-written.

Clear sighted intel will become an essential business tool.


At The Strategy Works B2B insight is our core business discipline – it's not an add-on to other consultancy work. 

We are specialists at what we do

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Why Choose The Strategy Works?

Why do I need global market insight if my sales team are proactive? 

At The Strategy Works we are experts in aligning competitor profiling with customer insight to gain business advantage for you.


For over 25 years TSW has developed an in-depth understanding of B2B strategies and the commercial / technical market drivers that influence behaviours throughout the supply chain.

So what type of intel do you offer?

We specialise in difficult to acquire qualitative business intelligence that is not in the public domain. Our unique primary methodologies analyse markets at both a strategic and a tactical level.

Strategic – Right across the upstream (suppliers) & downstream (customers) supply chain - including relationships between trade organisations; partners; investors.   


Tactical – We scientifically measure the entire commercial sales process including the pivotal role played by technical sales.

But can I buy insight services only when I need them  - without a monthly fee structure?

YES....our virtual structure offers clients twin advantages of capped costs and deployment of consultants who are recognised experts in their sector – our B2B  business model works across multiple market segments and can be rapidly ramped-up or downsized in line with client needs.


Our team of senior consultants is underpinned by an extensive network of multi lingual desk researchers and interviewers located globally. We work almost exclusively off site and our business model is perfectly adapted to the new business model of remote working and in-person events.

Our Services

Our Insight Services

Multiple applications to inform your strategic decisions

Value Chain Mapping & Sizing

Either to defend an existing market 

or enter a new segment

with entrenched competitors.

Sell Against Guides

Sell Against Guides bolt externally gathered competitor insight onto in-house sales intelligence.

Commercial Due Diligence

To enhance legal / financial due diligence, The Strategy Works will evaluate potential acquisition opportunities purely from a sales / marketing perspective.


Satisfaction Measurement/Lost Prospects

The Strategy Works will work with you to develop effective ways of benchmarking customer satisfaction. 

A lost prospect is not 'lost' forever…... 

Customer Satisfaction




Accurately benchmarks performance of in-house sales teams vs competitors. Performance against agreed KPIs is scored using bespoke quantitative logs.

Field Based

Procurement Intelligence

Research whole of market with no impact on the relationship with your existing supplier.

Our Sectors

Over 25 years TSW’s methodologies are proven to work across the B2B spectrum; prominent sectors include:





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