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A selection from over 40 B2B articles written by Michael Herson of The Strategy Works.

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Ammonia takes centre stage as a clean marine fuel

- February 2023 

The Strategy Works attended two consecutive high level Ammonia Conferences in Phoenix, USA and Hamburg, Germany; synthesizing the main themes impacting on Ammonia’s potential as a marine fuel.

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Tidal and Ocean Currents Modelling drives Voyage Optimisation

- June 2022 

The Strategy Works sets out the value chain uncovering the evolving, complex, modelling landscape that underpins voyage optimisation.

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Gas Engines -A Partner to Power (part 2)

- February 2021

The Strategy Works publishes the findings from an on-line survey carried out in conjunction with IGEM members working in both O&M’s & OEM’s; taking a closer look at CHP and prospects for hydrogen.

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Gas Engines Spark Energy Solution (part 1)

- January 2021

The Strategy Works considers the growing importance of stationary gas engines within the transition process towards renewable energy.

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Covid-19: shipping disruptor is an accelerator of change

- October 2020

The Strategy Works considers the commercial impact of Covid-19 on Shipping; examining how key market sectors are responding to new challenges

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The Journey to Compliance

- January 2020

The Strategy Works reviews ‘The Journey to Compliance’ - considering the impact of the start of the IMO Sulphur Cap on marine lubricants for Shipping.

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Beyond The Sulphur Cap     

- June 2019

Exclusive research commissioned by Riviera Maritime Media casts light on how shipping is approaching the challenge of decarbonisation.

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Adcos branch out in Asia    

- February 2018

With electric vehicles and autonomous cars looming large, the new battleground for lubricant additive companies is set to be Asia-Pacific.

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Connectivity is key to ECDIS & ENC advances

- January 2017

The Strategy Works assesses preferred compliance options as 2020 IMO Sulphur Cap approaches.

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ATF technology rises to the challenge 

(ATF - Part 2)  

- June 2016

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The Strategy Works examines the commercial forces driving the ATF market in Europe. (Part 2 – technical findings)

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ATF market takes shape in Europe 

(ATF - Part 1)  

- April 2016

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The Strategy Works examines the commercial forces driving the ATF market in Europe. (Part 1 – top line commercial findings)

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Professional procurement begins to get a

grip on ECDIS

- September 2015

An increasing number of shipping companies are using procurement departments to specify how they purchase ecdis and ENCs.

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Metamorphosis of UK parcels market

- June 2015

Parcel operators compete to sharpen their offering in an internet fuelled growth market.

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Gas power to surge in Latin America   

Part I & Part II

- November & December 2014

Natural gas is on a fast track to overtake coal as the world’s second-largest fuel, after oil, and nowhere is this truer than in Latin America.

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China's additive makers targets exports

- June 2014

In China additive components, additive packages and synthetic oils are classified as “chemicals,” and their manufacturers thus have freer access to global markets.

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Gas engines emerge from the shadows

- September 2013

With gas back in vogue as the fuel of choice for power generation, one of the oldest established engine technologies – gas engines – is newly resurgent as a power source.

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Stretching gas engine oils

- September 2013

The search for cheaper and more reliable energy has spurred interest in natural gas and, in turn, has increased the popularity of stationary gas engines.

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Coping with contaminants

- August 2013

TSW estimates that global sales of large gas engines

– those capable of generating more than 500 kilowatts

– exceed 6,000 megawatts per year.

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Gas engines underpin Europe's shift to decentralised power

- August 2013

Use of gas engines is expanding in Europe as industries invest in decentralised, independently-operated gas-fired power generation to mitigate the risk of power supply shortages.

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